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Is your garage door dented, cracked, or bent?

Damage to garage door panels will get progressively worse over time. There will come a point where the door will start to sag in the middle when in the open position. This may cause the door to get stuck or prevent it from closing altogether. This folding of the door can cause several different issues one being the rollers can pop out of the track, another being the cables on either side of the door coming off the drum resulting in an off track which will leave the door crooked in the opening.

cracked garage door panel
cracked garage door
crack in garage door

If you have garage door panel damage the best-case scenario is to catch it early enough that a panel replacement or complete door replacement is not necessary. We have support braces, called struts, that are designed to add support to the panels of the door. This support makes the door as strong as it was the first day it was installed. In cases where the damage is beyond the ability of a strut to repair, panel replacements are recommended. In many situations, we can match the manufacturer panels and swap just one or two panels out. Our expert technicians have the resources to determine if this is the best solution to your panel damage issue.

damaged panel

There are some instances where the panels are either sub-contractor grade and have deteriorated earlier than they are supposed to, or there has been external damage to the panels while leaving the hardware, tracks, and springs in good condition. In this case, we can help you save money by utilizing your existing hardware, track, and springs, while swapping out your garage door panels. This is a cost-effective way of getting that new door look while keeping money in your pocket.

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